CAS:2316-26-9 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid
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Product name

  CAS:2316-26-9 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid    

CAS:2316-26-9 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid

Product Name  CAS:2316-26-9 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid
Chemical Name  3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid
CAS No.  2316-26-9
Molecular Structure  C11H12O4

Name: 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid

CAS: 2316-26-9

Other name: Methylferulic acid


                     DIMETHYLCAFFEIC ACID

                     Caffeic acid dimethyl ether

                     AURORA 2809

                     AKOS BB/0042 

                    AKOS BBS-00000090

                    TIMTEC-BB SBB005722

MF: C11H12O4

Mw: 208.21

CB Number: CB1119956

Appearance: yellow crystalline powder

Assay: 99.5%

Mp: 181-183 C

Bp: 367.4ºC at 760 mmHg

Fp: 144ºC

Density: 1.203 g/cm3

3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid is a cinnamic acid derivative isolated from coffee beans.

Application: 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid(2316-26-9) is used as pharmaceutical

intermediate and organic intermediate.

Package: 25kgs/cardboard drum

Storage: keep in cool, dry and closed place.

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