Sulfluramid CAS:4151-50-2
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Product name

  Sulfluramid CAS:4151-50-2    

Sulfluramid CAS:4151-50-2

Product Name£º  Sulfluramid CAS:4151-50-2
Chemical Name£º  N-ethyl,perfluorooctylsulfonylamide
CAS No.£º  4151-50-2
Molecular Structure£º  C10H6F17NO2S

Name: Sulfluramid

CAS: 4151-50-2

Other name: N-ethyl,perfluorooctylsulfonylamide




MF: C10H6F17NO2S 

Mw: 527.19 

EINECS: 223-980-3

Appearance: White powder 

Assay: 98% min

Mp: 75-85 ¡ãC

Density: 1.1561 g/cm3

Fp: above 93 ¡ãC

Application: Sulfluramid (4151-50-2) is a perfluoro anion surfactant the the important 

intermediate for perfluoro surfactants. In addition, Sulfluramid (4151-50-2) is an excellent 

pesticide and good at killing some insects such as curing ant, cockroach, and other reptiles.

Preparation: CF3(CF2)7SO2F+CH3CH2NH2¡úCF3(CF2)7SO2NHCH2CH3

Package: 1kg plastic bag or 25kgs/drum

Storage: keep in cool, dry and closed place.

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